Josh Gad shares video his daughters received from Bob Saget last year: ‘Hard to watch through tears’

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Josh Gad has mourned the loss of Bob Saget and reflected on his “selfless, genuine, beautiful, loving soul” by sharing a video the Full House star sent him and his family during the pandemic.

On Tuesday, Gad revealed that, a year ago, he had reached out to Saget, who died Sunday at the age of 65, to tell him that his daughters Ava, 11, and Isabella, seven, had been watching Full House during the pandemic, and that it was their “favourite show on TV”.

“A year ago, I shared with Bob that Full House was my girls’ favourite show on TV. It brought them so much joy during the darkness of the pandemic,” Gad wrote on Instagram. “Within minutes I received this video. I truly hope it brings you the same smile and joy it brought our family.

“Hard to watch through tears, but this was the essence of the selfless, genuine, beautiful, loving soul that was Bob Saget.”

In the accompanying one-minute clip, Saget addressed each of Gad’s daughters by name before introducing himself and explaining that he is the actor behind the beloved Full House character Danny Tanner, who he played for eight seasons.

“I’m older than the guy you’re watching on the TV,” Saget joked, before wishing Gad’s daughters a happy “everything,” including Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years.

In the clip, Saget then acknowledged that he and Gad met recently while telling Ava and Isabella how “fortunate” they are that the Frozen star is their father.

“Of course he loves you guys so much and he is just one of the sweetest people I’ve ever spoken to,” Saget continued, adding: “So, congrats on having a great dad.”

The sweet video also saw Saget revealing that he “has become Danny Tanner,” as he noted that he uses “hand sanitiser all day long”.

“Literally, it’s always at my disposal. I have a cleaning rag that’s microfiber. I have become Danny Tanner,” he said. Saget concluded the clip by sharing “lots of love” to Gad’s daughters and the family.

The sentimental video prompted an outpouring of emotional comments from Gad’s followers, with many revealing that they were also touched by the clip.

“How special that you have this,” one person commented, while another said: “Come on Josh. Crying now. What a loss. So glad you got to spend time with him.”

Someone else added: “Oh my heart! That was such a beautiful sweet message. Thank you for sharing.”

Gad also mourned Saget’s passing while appearing on Monday’s episode of SiriusXM’s The Hoda Show, where he told Hoda Kotb: “I’m still picking up the pieces of the shock and grief.”

While speaking with Kotb, Gad also revealed that he’d grown up watching Full House, and that Danny Tanner had been a “surrogate father” to him after his parents got divorced. He also noted that watching the show help his own daughters was “sort of one of the greatest gifts I could have ever imagined”.

“My girls got through the pandemic discovering Full House,” he said. “And as Danny Tanner was a surrogate father to me after my parents got divorced and I was growing up watching Full House, and him being this anchor keeping his family together, watching my girls process this trauma of this sort of loss they were going through with Covid, was sort of one of the greatest gifts I could have ever imagined.”

Following the news of Saget’s death, numerous stars, including the full cast of Full House, paid tribute to the late star.

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