Josephine Skriver’s Take on the Blazer Dress Has Unique Twist

Josephine Skriver.<p>Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images</p>
Josephine Skriver.

Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

In recent months, streetwear trends have drawn inspiration from the office. Some of the notable looks that have come forth include tweed sets, edgy pantsuits and, of course, the blazer dress.

We’re all familiar with the classic blazer dress look: A black, slightly oversized jacket with just enough length to be classified as a dress. Typically, the style doesn’t have much else to it, looking rather like you just borrowed the top half of a friend’s pantsuit. But, if you’re Josephine Skriver, the style looks a little bit different and just a touch more elevated.

The Danish model recently put a unique spin on her boxy black blazer, wearing a mid-thigh length mesh black skirt underneath, which peeked out ever-so-slightly from beneath the hem of the jacket. The chic sheer addition added just a touch of elegance and really spiced up the classic look. She paired the duo with black pointed high heels, keeping her evening look moody and monochromatic.

“Last night celebrating all the amazing work @baby2baby does for children and their families!” she wrote in an Instagram caption showing off the outfit, while also praising the nonprofit organization that she dressed up to support. “Thank you for having me @byheart 🤍 such an honor to be part of something so special and impactful.”

The mom of one really showed up and showed out for one of her rare nights out on the town since the birth of her daughter in August. She certainly made the most of her chance to take a spin in her best dress.

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