Joseph Kosinski: There is no director's cut of Top Gun: Maverick’

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Joseph Kosinski on why the final version of Top Gun is the best cut possible credit:Bang Showbiz
Joseph Kosinski on why the final version of Top Gun is the best cut possible credit:Bang Showbiz

'Top Gun: Maverick’ director Joseph Kosinksi has admitted that there is no "director's cut" of the movie.

The 48-year-old filmmaker took the reins of the long-awaited sequel to 1986 American action film - which has seen Tom Cruise reprise his role as test pilot Captain Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell - but revealed that there is no extended version of the two-hour film because it was just put together "as they went along."

He said: "I didn't do a director's cut. We really just started putting the movie together as we shot it. So, I think by the time we had finished shooting, we just had a film. First pass, it was probably 2:35, I would say, to have everything in there. But very quickly we were cutting it down. So, there's a couple scenes, they're left out. There's a couple, like there's a shot in the first trailer of Maverick looking up at the F-14 on the stick, things like that, that didn't make it in. But for the most part, it was just about, the shot or the scene had to be pretty good to make it into this cut."

The acclaimed director also explained that he is unsure what will be used as bonus material on the upcoming Blu-ray release of the film because there are no deleted scenes and the final film was the "best cut" possible.

He told Collider: "I don't know if we've decided what we're going to put on the Blu-ray yet. I think there will only be one cut. This was the best cut we could come up with. There aren't multiple cuts. There's not extended versions. But yeah, I'm not sure if we're going to do those other scenes or not."

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