Jordan Spieth hits virtual hole-in-one, scores victory for swing simulators everywhere

Jordan Spieth just logged his biggest golf moment since hoisting the Claret Jug. (Getty)

Chalk this up as a victory for golf simulators.

For anyone who’s teed up at one of these machines at a sporting goods store or with an indoor swing coach, two thoughts are almost universally true.

1. This is a hell of a lot of fun.

2. Is this thing really accurate?

Well, if this is the result when arguably the world’s best golfer steps into the virtual tee box, then they must be pretty spot-on, right?

The ball appears to drop directly into the hole with no bounce, which does raise the question of how accurate the pin and the bottom of the cup are in terms of being an obstacle on a shot like this. But that’s splitting hairs, of course. Nice shot, Jordan.

Side note: That simulator appears to be in Spieth’s home adjacent to his billiard room. We’ll log that as reason No. 732 why it’s great to be a professional golfer.