Jonathan Van Ness had crush on Isaac Hanson

Jonathan Van Ness had a crush on Isaac Hanson credit:Bang Showbiz
Jonathan Van Ness had a crush on Isaac Hanson credit:Bang Showbiz

Jonathan Van Ness imagined the first girl he kissed was Isaac Hanson.

The 'Queer Eye' star shared an "unremarkable" smooch with a classmate when he was around 12 years old because he felt he "had to have" a girlfriend, but his real love at the time was the oldest member of sibling boy band Hanson.

He told the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper: "My first kiss happened in sixth grade with a girl called Bree.

"It was unremarkable because I thought I had to have a girlfriend, but in my mind I imagined she was Isaac Hanson because I loved the oldest Hanson brother."

The 35-year-old grooming guru married Mark Peacock - who he met on Instagram - in 2020 but admitted he never expected to tie the knot.

He said: "I always wanted to get married but I didn't think I would find the right person. I am so glad I did. We celebrated our two-year anniversary recently."

Jonathan paid tribute to the people around him who have helped him overcome various issues throughout his life.

He said: "There have been broken hearts in relationships and some drug-taking in my life that have made me who I am.

"It got pretty tough and rough for me, but curiosity and gratitude are the two things that have allowed me to survive the sexual abuse from my past to drug addiction and now living with HIV.

"In part that's due to the great friends and family I have, and to the women in my life, too, who showed me strength of character."

Jonathan recently explained he has happy for people to use any pronouns for him because he feels like he is "all of those things and none of those things".

The 'Getting Curious' star said: "When I say, he, she, they, whatever, I mean it because I feel like in ways I am all of those things and I’m none of those things at the same time.

"That’s why I feel like whether you want to say he, she or they, it is okay for me.

"If it is they or she, for me who I am is so much more than what that means to other people and to me.

"That is where I come at it and why I identify as he, she or they ­because I feel like I’m everything and I feel like I’m nothing at the same time. That is kind of existential, but it is how I see it."