Jonathan Bailey Knows His Way Around a Menswear Show

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Photo credit: Dior
Photo credit: Dior

EXCLUSIVE. The VIP halo at last week's Dior show went further than the front row. As part of creative director Kim Jones' ongoing partnerships with artists and creators, the storied maison paired up with rapper-producer-absurdly famous man Travis Scott for a procession of flared trousers, flowing overcoats and big, big fits. But as guests began to pepper the bleachers once more for Cactus Jack Dior, Scott's appearance on the top billing didn't totally eclipse those in attendance – Jonathan Bailey in particular.

The Bridgerton star that got the internet all breathless got menswearheads all breathless in a full Dior look. Which, in this instance, meant a minimal safari jacket all belted up with billowy trousers below.

So far, so Dior. What makes Bailey's turn all the more impressive is how normalised these slightly left-field looks have become. When designers have continually pushed the envelope (and the conventions) of menswear, a wide leg trouser and a sculptured jacket isn't quite the head turner it once was. In a good way. And though fashion shows are often detached, mildly absurd dimensions in which Very Famous Men can take the safety off, this stuff works in real life too.

"It's definitely a time where one can be creative and perhaps more experimental," Bailey told Esquire. "It's important to have fun with it too and allows others to inspire you. Men's style has evolved significantly, but for the better. And mine's ever evolving too."

What's more, where runway shows exhibit prototypes that are often far wilder than the final product on rails, the 33-year-old wants to dive straight in. "[Jones's] signature collaborations are just magical. I'm looking forward to wearing it."

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