Jonas Bjorkman breaks out Neymar impression, flops after being hit at Wimbledon

Ryan Young
Yahoo Sports Contributor
After being hit by the ball by his own partner, Jonas Bjorkman flopped to the ground and rolled around in “pain,” giving fans at Wimbledon on Thursday his best Neymar impression. (Twitter/Wimbledon)

The iconic “Neymar flop” impression is making its rounds once again through the sports world after the 2018 World Cup, and Wimbledon is no exception.

In a third round senior doubles match on Thursday, Sweden’s Jonas Bjorkman was hit in the back by his partner Todd Woodbridge, drawing laughter from both Bjorkman and the crowd. After looking around and smiling, Bjorkman suddenly doubled over, grabbed his stomach and started rolling on the ground — a classic soccer player, or more specifically Neymar, flop.

Since Brazil was eliminated from the World Cup earlier this month, fans across the sports world have given their best impressions of Neymar for the #NeymarChallenge.

And as far as these videos go, it’s clear that Bjorkman already has one of the best out there.

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