Johnny Knoxville doesn't get scared shooting Jackass scenes

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Johnny Knoxville "goes to a different place" when he's doing Jackass stunts.

The actor/producer is one of the co-creators of the over-the-top stunt and prank franchise along with Jeff Tremaine and Spike Jonze. Johnny also partakes in his fair share of big-scale pranks and antics.

But despite many near-fatal incidents, including sustaining brain damage after standing in front of a charging bull for the 2022 film Jackass Forever, the 51-year-old insisted the stunts don't scare him in the moment.

Asked by Variety if the bull incident, which also left him with a broken wrist and broken ribs after the animal flipped him and he landed on his head, was his scariest on-set moment, Johnny replied: "I don't think so. It's one of the most serious things I've experienced.

"Of course, I have fear. But that's more like two or three days out of a big stunt. When it's time to shoot, I just want to go right now. I'll be sitting in my car listening to music. When they're ready to go, they call me in and I go. I think the bull stunt was scarier for other people who saw it. I was out for more than a minute, but for me personally, it wasn't scary. I go to a different place when I'm doing those things."

And while Johnny is open to more Jackass adventures, he has ruled himself out of performing big stunts - on doctor's orders.

"If we did continue, we would lean on the younger cast more and the old guys would take a little step back but still be a part of it," he reasoned. "I would have to step back because my neurologist said I can't have any more concussions."