John Travolta and Tommy Lee trade cookie recipes in sweet video

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John Travolta and Tommy Lee have traded cookie recipes as part of a sweet TikTok video.

The Motley Crue rocker posted a clip to the site on Wednesday, with the footage featuring screenshots of text exchanges he recently had with the Grease star over baked goods.

"Tommy can you send me that peanut butter Chico chip cookie recipe that you have?" asked the 67-year-old, to which Tommy responded, "Hahahah ok! Gimme a sec to find."

Next, John is seen showcasing his brownie and cookies in the oven, adding jokingly: "You didn't know I was Johnny Crocker," before eating a piece of cake and washing it down with a glass of lemonade.

"Who would have thought that two superstars would spend their Wednesday nights making brownies and cookies with fresh lemonade. Tommy Lee and JT - can't beat 'em," he smiled in a video.

And Tommy confessed he had just had the same thought.

"Oh my God, buddy. My wife and I were just saying the exact same thing," the 59-year-old laughed. "I'm like, 'Who's sitting around on a Wednesday night? I go, 'Could you imagine if people knew Tommy and John are baking.' What happened?"

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