John Stamos Says Ryan Gosling Helped Him Own Being a Disney Adult: “That Kind of Turned the Corner for Me”

John Stamos is setting the record straight that there’s nothing wrong with being a Disney fanatic and is also revealing who helped him own it.

While speaking with Keke Palmer on a recent episode of the Baby, This is Keke Palmer podcast, the Full House actor said about six or seven years ago, he thought he needed to “shed this Disney thing” due to his acting career.

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He recalled thinking, “Who’s gonna take me seriously with the Mickey Mouse stuff. I gotta sort of distance myself from it”

But then, after speaking with Ryan Gosling at an event, his perspective on it changed.

“He’s like, ‘You’re a Disney fan?’ I go, ‘Yeah,'” the Big Shot actor recalled of their conversation. “He goes, ‘I’m obsessed. I’m a Disney adult. I go there by myself. I wear headphones … I go on rides, I have a mixtape.'”

Following that interaction, Stamos said he finally felt like he could own being a part of the fandom. “I go, ‘Yeah, me too. I’m a Disney guy too,'” he added. “So that kind of turned the corner for me.”

After Palmer also explained how Disney continues to remind her of a wholesome time during her childhood, Stamos seconded her sentiment, saying, “When you go through those gates, the rest of the world goes away.”

The actor, who grew up near Disneyland in Orange County, said Disney also helped him define who he is as an artist and a human. “It’s just so full of love and optimism and happiness,” he added. “When you go through the turnstile … everything else goes away.”

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