John Lydon bids to represent Ireland at Eurovision in tribute to wife

Sex Pistols star John Lydon wants to represent Ireland at Eurovision with a song about his wife, who has Alzheimer's disease.

Credit: @GMB / 'Good Morning Britain' / ITV

Video transcript

JOHN LYDON: There's a TV show in Ireland just nominated me of some 200 contestants with this song to go forward into the Eurovision. I would have to be voted from this show before I actually got into the Euro. But win, lose, or draw, if I'm bringing awareness to Alzheimer's, that's a win, and a win, and a win.

Because that is such a debilitating thing to watch my wife suffer and have to go through. And so more power to the Irish for giving me the respect here. All right. It brings tears to my eyes just even thinking about performing it live because I'll be away from her. But I've got to do that.