Here's why this silk pillowcase from John Lewis keeps selling out

Here's why a silk pillowcase from John Lewis keeps selling out. (John Lewis & Partners)
Here's why a silk pillowcase from John Lewis keeps selling out. (John Lewis & Partners)

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A silk pillowcase might have once sounded like the kind of luxury exclusively reserved for the royal family or the most extra of celebrities.

However, hairdressers, beauty gurus and all sorts of silk pillow converts will now tell you that investing in a silk case may help you see improvements in your skin, hair and quality of sleep.

Which is probably why John Lewis’ Ultimate Collection Silk Standard Pillowcase sold out on launch.

However, if you missed out the first time, the wait to get your hands on one is over, as the retailer has just restocked the pillowcases and they are once again proving a hit with shoppers (and it already has over 300 rave reviews to back up its popularity).

Here’s why you should be racing to the checkout...

Why we love it:

Not only is it super-soft and made from high quality Mulberry silk, this natural bed linen is also hypoallergenic.

Silk is luxurious and soothing to the touch, plus it's non-absorbent, which means it can help prevent your hair from getting sweaty or greasy.

Oh, and it looks chic, too. 

Available in 13 different tones, from classic white to rose, mint, pearl grey, duck egg blue and more, there's certain to be a shade that suits your bedroom aesthetic. 

While you may think £45 is expensive for a pillowcase, other luxury alternatives by brands such as Slip cost a hefty £85.

If you want to add a pop of print to your bedroom, John Lewis’ silk pillowcase now also comes in a leopard print design.

What the reviews say:

With over 350 five-star reviews, customers certainly have a lot of praise for the pillowcase.

  • “Beautiful pillowcases which feel gorgeous to sleep on. I thought they would crease and show every single mark/stain but they're actually really resistant.”

  • “I purchased silk pillowcases following a recommendation from a friend, to support sleep, enhance skin and reduce sweating. At first I thought the product was a bit pricey, but I've got to say it has been a fantastic purchase. The quality is fantastic, it really is luxurious next to the skin. My head is kept cool throughout the night and my hair no longer gets oily. I am seriously considering buying more silk bedding.”

  • “Lovely addition to my bedding, can already see the reduction in the frequency I need to wash my hair.”

  • “Delighted with my silk pillowcase, beautiful quality and washes really well. I decided to try silk as heard it helped keep hair smoother and helping to reduce fine wrinkles... too early to tell yet but I definitely sleep better because the pillowcase keeps cool.”

  • “I had read about these pillowcases - thought it was a luxury purchase, but worth every penny. I sleep better, my skin feels better, put it on your wish list.”

  • “I've had cheaper similar products before but decided to treat myself. Lovely material. Worth the extra. Partner loves it too.”

Buy it: The Ultimate Collection Silk Standard Pillowcase | £45 from John Lewis

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