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Forget expensive pillows, my £10 John Lewis pair are perfect for getting a good night's sleep

  • I tried it for: Three months

  • I rate it: 5/5

  • 🛍️ Why it’s worth buying: They're comfortable and affordable, come in a convenient pair and are just as good as luxury hotel pillows I've slept on.

  • 📉 Its biggest drawback: They're thick and fluffy, which I love, but if you prefer a firmer pillow, they may not work for you.

  • 💰 Best deal: As it's part of John Lewis' affordable Anyday range, it costs just £10 for two pillows. That's the cheapest we've ever seen.

We've been using the John Lewis Anyday Microfibre Standard Pillow Pair for three months. (Yahoo Life UK)

For me, the key to a good night's sleep is the right pillow.

However when I moved in with my boyfriend at the start of 2023, the first purchase I made was new pair -his thin, flimsy ones always left me feeling bleary and restless.

So, I began hunting for the perfect pair of pillows for my side of the bed and stumbled across the John Lewis Anyday Microfibre Standard Pillow Pair, Soft/Medium. After quick flick through the pictures along with a very low price tag of just £10, I was sold.

I didn't do much research, I just wanted something cheap that would arrive quickly, as we were planning to buy some new furniture - most of our budget was going on a new TV stand and coffee table.

To my delight, they're the most comfortable pillows I've ever slept on and have made a big improvement to the quality of my sleep ever since.

Three months later, I can't drift off without them nor can I stop raving about them.

🛍️ Why it’s worth buying

I've long been a fan of John Lewis' affordable own brand Anyday, which sells everything from clothing and furniture to bedding and homewares, and already own a set of towels, a fan and a cushion - now I can add bedding to my list of recommendations.

Both pillows are filled with a polyester hollowfibre with a polyester microfibre cover in a soft to medium firmness. They're the perfect amount of 'squishiness' that don't lose their shape and can easily be fluffed up in the mornings when I get out of bed.

For just a tenner, they're supportive but not too firm and wash well. (John Lewis & Partners)
For just a tenner, they're supportive but not too firm and wash well. (John Lewis & Partners)

£10 at John Lewis

I like to sleep on my front and back, which this pillow pair is designed for, and I find they provide the perfect amount of support so my head isn't too flat and I never wake up with any soreness in my neck.

Once every couple of months I'll pop them in the washing machine for cleaning and am pleased to report the filling remains evenly distributed and they take roughly 48 hours to be fully dry and ready to be used again. I'd recommend washing them just before you go on holiday or a weekend away so you're not without clean pillows when you return.

📉 Its biggest drawback

If you like to sleep on your side, you may not find these are the right pillows for you, as they're designed to suit back and front sleepers.

Over 80 customers have awarded them five-star reviews, but among the less satisfied customers, some of the downsides listed have included them being too "bouncy", while others have described them as "flat".

Your perfect pillow is entirely down to your preference, so while a handful of shoppers didn't enjoy their experience with them, we have nothing but high praise.

💰 Best deals we can find right now

You can't really beat £5 per pillow, can you?

John Lewis's Anyday collection is extensive and very budget-friendly, with over 1,000 home essentials, starting from just £1.

I've yet to find something similar for the same price, with most pillow pairs costing upwards of £20.

Shop now: John Lewis Anyday Microfibre Standard Pillow Pair, Soft/Medium | £10 from John Lewis

(John Lewis)
(John Lewis)

£10 at John Lewis

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