John Legend says Chrissy Teigen ‘wants more’ kids despite being ‘nervous’ about pregnancy

John Legend says Chrissy Teigen ‘wants more’ kids despite being ‘nervous’ about pregnancy

John Legend has said that Chrissy Teigen is keen to have more children as the couple remain “cautiously optimistic” about their current pregnancy.

The “All She Wanna Do” singer shared an update on his wife as she continues her pregnancy with the couple’s third child, following the loss of a previous pregnancy.

Legend told Entertainment Tonight on Thursday (29 September) that, as one of four children in his family, he was “cool with” Teigen wanting more kids.

While he admitted that having a lot of children makes the logistics of getting around more difficult, the singer said that they could benefit from having one another to spend time with.

“Luna and Miles will be older siblings now and there’s enough of a gap where we don’t have to micromanage their every moment,” he said.

His comments come after Teigen shared she that she felt “nervous” about her current pregnancy, which comes two years after she underwent an abortion to save her life due to complications.

She announced her new pregnancy on Wednesday (3 August) in an Instagram post where she showed off her baby bump and described her progress as “perfect and beautiful”.

Last week, Legend told Good Morning Britain that they were both excited to welcome a third child, although apprehensive due to the previous experience.

“Whenever you lose a pregnancy, it is always cautious optimism when you are pregnant again, because you never know what could happen and you have experienced that tragedy of losing one,” he said.

“So your optimism is a little bit tempered by that. But everything has been great so far and we are really excited. The kids are excited, we are all excited and can’t wait to welcome this new baby into the world.”

Elsewhere in his interview on Thursday, Legend described his eldest child Luna as “smart and mature and emotionally intelligent”.

“She’s very wise. I feel like she just gets things are she doesn’t have to explain things a lot… You can just tell she can figure it out and move in the world and how to adjust to things very well.”