John Krasinski just said the sweetest thing about Emily Blunt

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John Krasinski praised his wife Emily Blunt, during an appearance on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show earlier this morning (7 June), crediting her with inspiring him to direct A Quiet Place.

The actor/director explained that he read the blockbuster's original script six weeks after Emily gave birth to their second child. This not only inspired him to take on the project, but also to bring a new perspective of parenthood to the horror film.

Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

After reading the script, John remembers thinking, "if I could rewrite this to be a metaphor for parenthood instead of just a horror movie then I think we could do something really special."

Referencing his conversation about the film with Emily, John added, "that's when Emily said you should direct it and I thought, yeah, maybe I should."

And aren't we glad that he did, eh?

Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

John also revealed how Emily supported him when A Quiet Place first premiered. "I remember turning to my wife and saying, well, there goes my career.

"She said what are you talking about, the audience loved it and I said they're not making a sound Emily, how do you think they like it?"

Luckily, he soon realised the film was a success, explaining, "when everybody exploded in applause I was totally overwhelmed."

So cute.

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