Joey Votto offers his own dubious changes to MLB schedule

There’s been a lot of talk about shortening the Major League Baseball season recently. First from Anthony Rizzo, who noted that he’d be fine making less money with an adjusted schedule, and then from Jayson Stark of The Athletic, who gave a rather convincing argument of how to make it happen.

Cincinnati Reds superstar Joey Votto has his own take on the subject — he wants more games.

Think about it: why eliminate 20 games when you can add another 60?

Shout out to Canada, indeed. Where else would a ballplayer who wants to start the season in March and end in November come from? Nevermind that attendance is down and Mother Nature has wreaked havoc on the current schedule, the people need more games.

O.K., fine. Votto isn’t being too serious here, but you can’t blame an MVP-caliber athlete stuck on a team that’s lost more than 85 games each of the last four seasons for trying to find new ways to play in October. Just think of the type of numbers Votto could put up with another 60 games.

Of course the downside of that is the Reds might end up losing more than 100 games every year.

As long as baseball players are open to altering the schedule, they might as well explore both sides. Fans would certainly take a shorter offseason and spring training, though the Hot Stove would barely have a chance to warm up before Opening Day.

You can’t forget the extreme potential for comedy here, either. For all the teams who don’t play in domes, it’d be a competition to see how many layers of clothing players could wear and still be able to move on the field.

Still, you know there’d be one guy out there in shorts claiming that,”this isn’t real cold.”

It’s safe to say that player would likely be Votto.

Cincinnati Reds star Joey Votto isn’t afraid of a little cold weather if it means he can play more baseball. (AP Photo)

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