From Joey Tribbiani to Harry Styles: this week's fashion trends

Photograph: Getty Images

Going up

Digital campfires The places you actually want to gather with people you love online, eg WhatsApp groups, as opposed to places you stress scroll at 3am. Into it.

Friends’ Joey Tribbiani Style icon of Arsenal’s Héctor Bellerín. The leather and loose belted trousers in seasons 1 and 2 in particular, apparently.

Salted almonds and ice-cold Coca-Cola Joan Didion’s go-to breakfast. Queen.

Russet BBC weather’s colour of choice for a heatwave. Very 90s. Also our favourite fruit.

Hiking boots A strong look, now that we’re actually into walking. And good with shorts. Try Ariat Skyline boots or something from Diemme.

Going down

Is Harry still in style? Photograph: Getty Images

Mimosas Tablescape update: a bowl of lemons (the posh kind that have leaves on) is designer Roksanda Ilincic’s al fresco centrepiece this summer.

Birkin bag waiting lists The new queue? Your hairdresser. We can’t get an appointment until late August.

Harry Styles in Gucci We’ve moved on to Styles in JW Anderson, particularly the cardigans.

Red carpet dressing More into Armani menswear, as worn on the red carpet by Winona Ryder in the 90s.

S’well Too heavy. Try Swiss brand Sigg, whose water bottles are much lighter.