Joey Essex's sad fear for his future revealed by TOWIE BFF – and why he's really on Love Island

Joey Essex, the reality TV star known for his appearances on shows like I'm A Celeb and TOWIE, is reportedly looking to settle down and start a family. According to his best mate James 'Diags' Bennewith, Joey, who boasts an £8million fortune and a lavish lifestyle complete with a £1.6million mansion and a Lamborghini, is ready to find The One.

Joey, 33, has enjoyed a successful career in television, but now he's keen to share his life with someone special. "He wants to settle down," Diags revealed to the Mirror. "Our mates are getting married and having kids. He is in that headspace now. He's like: 'I've got all this stuff, I've got my house, but I've got no-one to share it with. I wake up in this house on my own.' He wants a family - he wants kids. Going on Love Island is him putting that out into the Universe - it's manifesting."

Viewers of Love Island saw Joey open up about the tragic loss of his mum at just 10 years old. Speaking to M&S worker Jess White, Joey shared how losing his mum at such a young age had a profound impact on his life. "If you lose your mum at a really young age, it's a big part of your life," said Diags, who has been friends with Joey since primary school. "You learn a lot from your mum - emotional insight, how to deal with certain things and he didn't have that."

Joey Essex and James Bennewith
Joey's best pal Diags said the star is 'desperate' to settle down -Credit:James Shaw/REX/Shutterstock
Joey Essex and Diags pose backstage
Joey Essex and Diags are longtime pals -Credit:Diags/Instagram

"Obviously his dad did an amazing job, but not having a mum there, it's taken Joey a lot longer to be emotionally intelligent. I've known him growing up through that and there were times where he just did not speak about it. It was just unspoken. Out of respect, nobody spoke about it, nobody brought it up, and I think that suppressed a lot of feelings for him. Recently he's dealing with it a lot better - he's ready to cast all this trauma he was holding on to. Now he's mentally ready and prepared to settle down. If he can find someone on Love Island, fantastic. I hope he does."

Joey Essex as a child with his mother Tina
Joey has previously opened up about the tragic death of his mum when he was just ten years old -Credit:joeyessex/Instagram
Joey coupled up with Scouser Samantha Kenny
Joey is currently coupled up with Samantha on the show -Credit:ITV/REX/Shutterstock

Joey has been working on himself physically as well as mentally. Diags revealed his pal has eaten nothing but high protein steak and eggs for months, and spent two and a half hours in the gym every day - as well as walking for an hour and half to get there and back - to get himself into top shape.

Joey has also got a new look, with a buzz haircut, with Diags revealing he 'he wanted to freshen himself up' and stray away from his usual famous quiff.

Joey is currently paired with Scouse makeup artist Samantha Kenny, 26, who describes her ideal man as a cheeky Cockney - although she did mention that there were a lot of teeth in their kiss... "He has got quite big teeth - it is hard to avoid them," Diags joked that 'He gets teased about that all the time.'