Joey Essex says there was 'blood everywhere' after Dancing On Ice injury

Joey Essex has said "blood was everywhere" when he skated over his finger as he prepared for Dancing On Ice. The Only Way Is Essex star is one of the contestants on the upcoming series of the ice-skating competition, which starts this weekend. But during an appearance on This Morning he admitted he'd had his share of injuries as he rehearsed, including a badly cut finger.

Video transcript

JOEY ESSEX: I'm just happy to be here right now. And I'm not out of the competition yet. I mean, I've nearly lost a finger. I've nearly lost a kneecap, a shoulder. And now, I'm on the ice. And I feel ready, but there's room for improvement always. But, yeah, we're all doing sick. Well, I actually, obviously, see [INAUDIBLE] on the sofa before the finger accident.

And it was-- it was actually the first day of meeting the guys. It was-- yeah, it was a bit of a disaster, to be honest. Yeah, I went backwards over my finger. I was actually talking about losing my finger at that moment in time. And then I skated off. These weren't even on the ice. The cameras weren't even rolling at that point. It was like over. Like skate over.

- Oh, my goodness.

JOEY ESSEX: And, yeah, [INAUDIBLE] run over my finger. Blood was everywhere. It was awful, yeah. They was going to get a stretcher out and all of that. But I said I was all right. I didn't get that upset. I was a little bit upset.