Joe Pesci returns to acting in Pete Davidson's 'Bupkis'

Joe Pesci Returns to Acting , in Pete Davidson's 'Bupkis'. 'Rolling Stone' reports Pesci is set to star in his first TV role in almost 30 years. The Oscar-winning actor will portray Davidson's grandfather. 'Rolling Stone' reports Pesci hasn't taken on a TV role since the early '90s, appearing on 'The John Larroquette Show' and 'Tales From the Crypt'. Since 2000, he's only appeared in three movies. Those movies are 'The Good Shepherd' (2006), 'Love Ranch' (2010) and 'The Irishman' (2019). 'Rolling Stone' also reports that Edie Falco of 'The Sopranos' will portray Davidson's mom in the semi-autobiographical series.