Joe Manganiello Gets New Statement Tattoo Following Split from Sofia Vergara

The actor, 46, recently got new ink honoring his Armenian heritage

Joe Manganiello has some major new ink.

The 46-year-old actor, who recently announced his divorce from Sofía Vergara, revealed his new tattoo while out in Brentwood, California earlier this week. As the actor stood close to a car, his bold new ink was clearly visible on his left arm.

A photo posted by artist Ruben Malayan on Instagram this week gave more details about the meaning behind the Magic Mike actor's statement body art. In Malayan's post, Manganiello posed close to the camera, showing a large word inked in black on his forearm

The artist also revealed that the new tattoo said "Հրեշտակ," which is Armenian for angel.

“My latest work, so far largest in scale,” Malayan wrote in the post's caption. “ Հրեշտակ (Angel) for @joemanganiello who I am sure will wear it with pride! Բարով մաշես: @rubenmalayan #armeniancalligraphy and thank you @serjtankian for making the connection!”

<p> MEGA</p> Joe Manganiello shows off his new tattoo while out in Brentwood, California


Joe Manganiello shows off his new tattoo while out in Brentwood, California

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Manganiello has spoken in the past about his Armenian heritage. In a February episode of Finding Your Roots, the Magic Mike actor spoke about how his great-grandmother survived the Armenian Genocide last century.

Discussing his traumatic family history on the PBS show, Manganiello shared that his great-grandmother managed to escape after being shot at the beginning of the genocide in 1915, leaving her husband and seven children behind, who had been shot and killed.

"She laid there unmoving and the Turks left the house and left the eighth child, who was an infant in the crib, to starve to death, which is just the way that they did business," he explained.

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“There were these death marches where they would just handcuff, chain the Armenians together and march them out to the desert, and release the Kurds, give them military coats, horses and guns, to then go do what they wanted with their mortal enemies, the Armenians," he said. "She escaped that."

The actor also revealed on the show that his great-grandmother had to swim across the Euphrates river during her escape, discovering on the other side that her youngest child had drowned on her back. Later, she was captured by the German military and became pregnant by a German officer in an internment camp.

"She gave birth to a very blonde, half-German child," the actor said.

<p>C Flanigan/Getty</p> Manganiello announced his divorce from Sofia Vergara in July

C Flanigan/Getty

Manganiello announced his divorce from Sofia Vergara in July

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On July 18, Manganiello and Vergara, 51, announced their split in a joint statement, as sources confirmed to PEOPLE that the couple were going their separate ways after seven years of marriage.

Two days later, a source confirmed to PEOPLE that Manganiello had filed for divorce from Vergara.

According to divorce documents obtained by PEOPLE, the actor cited "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for the couple's split. Listing the date of separation as July 2, Manganiello also noted the pair had a prenup.

The couple's separation came shortly after the Modern Family actress celebrated her 51st birthday without Manganiello in Italy.

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