Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner shared loads of unseen pictures from every month of 2020

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  • Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner shared long Instagram stories showing never before seen pictures of their lives from each month of 2020.

  • From hair bleaching to baby scans, the couple shared loads of unseen pictures and couple selfies.

It's new year's day so I'm sure your Instagram feed is full of people reflecting on the ups and (many) downs of the past year, and even celebrities are getting in on it. Our favourite Instagram couple, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, have both shared long Instagram stories with pictures from each month of 2020, taking their fans through a tour of their year with many selfies, dog pics and even a bit of surgery.

Joe's Story began with a February throwback showing him and Sophie cuddled up together in a restaurant, unaware that they're being photographed (classic adorable content from them). Joe's story also includes multiple selfies of his hair, which went through quite the journey in 2020; from shaved to bleached to pink.

He also shared a very sweet picture of him on FaceTime to Sophie during an ultrasound scan while she was pregnant with their daughter Willa, and had drawn the jelly on her bump in the shape of a heart.

Meanwhile, Sophie shared one picture for every month of the year, including one of their dog in a Game of Thrones themed t-shirt saying, 'The north remembers' and another of her after having dental surgery, looking... not so chuffed.

She also shared a completely unseen picture of her baby bump during her pregnancy. The couple welcomed baby Willa in July 2020.

Here's to more Sophie and Joe content in 2021!

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