Joe Jonas meditates every morning to cope with the stresses of the day

Joe Jonas relies on mindfulness credit:Bang Showbiz
Joe Jonas relies on mindfulness credit:Bang Showbiz

Joe Jonas says mindfulness is how he juggles the stresses of his career and personal life.

The Jonas Brothers star has revealed he uses the Headspace meditation app to "check in with myself" rather than being glued to social media and his messages first thing.

The 32-year-old musician told the 'Spout' podcast: “So I start my day with Headspace, the app, and that can be like sitting in silence or brushing my teeth. It’s just a way for me to check in with myself before I’m checking on social media or I’m texting people because it’s so easy to look at your phone first thing in the morning and be like, ‘Oh, I have to do this work thing’ or ‘I missed this call’ or like, something’s going on in the world that it’s easy to make sure to like, just check in with yourself before you check in with anything else.”

Joe - who has 20-month-old daughter Willa with his actress wife Sophie Turner, who is expecting their second child - is “so proud” of his career and his younger self who “busted his a**” to hit it big along with his brothers Nick and Kevin Jonas in the boy band.

Asked what his biggest achievement is, he replied: “I would say, more than anything, that I’m still doing this, you know. I think like, oh, I know my younger self believed I could do it, but the hard work had to be put into place, and so, I’m proud of that kid because he busted his a** to get where he is now… good job, little Joe.”

The DNCE singer also promised that their shows in Las Vegas would be “a good time”.

Joe said: “I think if you’re a fan, I mean, you’re going to Vegas. It’s a good time. And so, I’ll have DNCE pop up onstage there. And then KYGO’s got a bunch of really exciting gigs, so if you’re a fan of him or us or just of music and you’re music lover, and if you like EDM and you want to go to a festival, then you may or may not see us onstage with him. So, we’ll see!”