Joe Jonas just apologised for calling brother Frankie 'The Bonus Jonas' for years

Daniella Scott
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Photo credit: Rob Kim - Getty Images
Photo credit: Rob Kim - Getty Images

Joe Jonas recently told fans he's sorry for nicknaming younger brother Frankie 'The Bonus Jonas' for years, explaining that they had "lengthy conversations and apologies behind closed doors" about the nickname, which Frankie had always found hurtful.

The nickname began back at the peak of The Jonas Brothers' fame, when fans discovered the band's younger brother Frankie, after he scored a role in an animated film at aged seven. The nickname quickly caught on with fans and within the family itself, something Frankie says he struggled with during a recent interview.

"I always hated that nickname," he told Bustle. "A lot of my problem with being in the public eye was that I was seen as this commodified vision of myself."

Later in the interview Joe admits regret over his use of the nickname and says that he has apologised to Frankie for using it.

"I refused to call Frankie 'Bonus Jonas' after he opened up to me about how that was hurtful to him," Joe explained. "It completely makes sense, and we've had lengthy conversations and apologies behind closed doors that showcased my understanding and respect for his wishes. I think to feel like you are second, third, or fourth best from something is unfair; we are all equals."

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Elsewhere in the interview Frankie - now a big TikTok star - spoke about his early awareness of his brothers' fame, saying that as their careers took off, he was encouraged to act but always felt like a "mascot" for his siblings.

"It was a conversation - I don’t remember it, but I’ve been told about it - regarding the fans of my brothers, who also had a similar kinship to me as this symbol, as this mascot. 'Frankie could theoretically act. He could be in their shows. He can continue that legacy of that mascot-like character'."

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