Can Joe Biden heal the wounds caused by Donald Trump?

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<p>Joe Biden</p> (Copyright 2020 The Associated Press. All rights reserved)

Joe Biden

(Copyright 2020 The Associated Press. All rights reserved)

I fully agree with the sentiments in this piece: "Biden plans to reverse Trump’s anti-LGBT+ policies including trans military ban".

For the self-proclaimed "land of the free" it is surely absurd that transgender citizens willing to serve are discriminated against.

However, since Donald Trump had retained so much support during last month’s election, the bigger question is whether it's possible for Joe Biden to truly heal the divides enhanced by Trump's policies.

Niamh Gallagher

Boldon Colliery

Tail walking the dog

Boris Johnson recently assured the nation that he is as fit as a butcher’s dog. Certainly he demonstrated, yet again, that he also has the judgement of a butcher’s dog.

The forthcoming review of the tiers has already been made by the PM at least partially on party political grounds, not completely on judgement.

The Tory backbench Coronavirus Research Group (CRG) is the butcher’s dog’s tail which is clearly wagging this particular dog.

Darryl Pratt

Leamington Spa

At the time Boris Johnson announced a “world-beating test and trace system” the situation demanded a “virus-beating test and trace system” which has yet to be provided.

Yet the PM's announcement showed the priority to be his standing among world leaders. Until such time as the UK has a leader who prioritises Covid-19 over his reputation then the country will continue to vacillate from spin to scandal.

Dermot O'Neill


Wrong priorities

"Fair deal for taxpayers across the country" was Grant Shapps description of another £800m thrown into the bottomless pit, otherwise known as Crossrail.

This is the reality of government spending priorities. Forget "levelling up" and free school meals in holidays. Is my blood boiling? Too right!

John E Harrison


Crumbs from the table

When I was young I was told that negotiation was an art not a science and would always end up as a win/win, win/lose or lose/lose.

I was also told that it was important not to be greedy and to leave something on the table for the other party.

It is so disappointing that after all this time this “oven-ready” cake will just be a mess of crumbs on the table for both parties.

Phillip Hilling


When claiming a trade deal with the EU was “oven-ready”, Boris Johnson must have had in mind serving a scotch egg. No matter how much he garnishes it, it could prove difficult to digest and is bound to leave a bad smell.

Roger Hinds


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