Jodie Turner Smith felt 'really scared' during first pregnancy

Sarah Ilston
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Photo credit: Tommaso Boddi
Photo credit: Tommaso Boddi

Jodie Turner-Smith has shared her biggest pregnancy concern whilst carrying her first child with husband Joshua Jackson last year — and revealed the simple steps she took to ease her anxiety.

The Queen and Slim star — who gave birth to daughter Janie in February last year (2020) — opened up to Cosmo UK that, due to her 'lack of knowledge,' she spent a lot of her pregnancy feeling 'really scared.'

She filmed action film Without Remorse during her second trimester, and now admits that her 'extremely physical' role in the film was too full-on for the dramatic changes that were happening in her body at the time.

'I didn't know at the time exactly how I would feel in my body at that stage,' she explained. 'My lack of knowledge about the changes your body goes through... That all made it very challenging when you're being very physical while growing a life inside of you.'

She went on to explain that she had no idea how different she would feel while pregnant, and that taking on such a demanding role during this time was a massive learning curve for her.

'Everything is different — how you breathe, the temperature your body runs at. It's a massive thing you're undertaking already, so to add on top of that an extremely physical [acting] role. It was super challenging — I learned a lot about myself through that.'

The actress also revealed that — due to the physical nature of the role — she didn't feel any movement until quite far into her pregnancy, which naturally left her worried and resulted in her and Jackson purchasing their own ultrasound machine to watch in the bath.

Photo credit: Mike Marsland
Photo credit: Mike Marsland

'My husband was there for much of the time I was filming. I had a lot of hot baths... We rented an ultrasound machine and I would look at the baby almost every night,' she revealed.

'Because of how active I as doing an action film, I didn't feel any movement until I was about 22 weeks [pregnant] so I spent a lot of time during my pregnancy really scared. So I needed to look at her to know everything was OK.'

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