Jodie Comer made producers cut this scene from Killing Eve

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From Cosmopolitan

Jodie Comer says that she asked Killing Eve showrunners to cut a scene from season 2 of the series, in which her character Villanelle puts on a Scouse accent, saying it was "too gimmicky".

Comer's character, Villanelle, regularly uses different accents throughout every series of the award winning show. But Comer - who is from Liverpool - explained that she thought that her character doing a Liverpudlian accent was too gimmicky, since so many fans know it's her real accent.

Speaking to The Sun, she said, "I’m afraid Scouse will not be making an appearance on Killing Eve," she continued. "In season two, it got written into one episode, I asked them to take it out because it seemed too gimmicky for me."

Explaining her conversation with producers, she said, "I was like, 'We know she does accents but Scouse feels too much like a wink to the camera'."

Over the last three seasons of the show, Comer's character Villanelle has used a huge range of accents, from Scottish to French, as part of her cover, so who knows what the next series might have in store. Comer has previously spoken about how mimicking adverts with her father as a child helped her to learn a variety of accents and voices.

Is there any accent she can't do!?

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