This job will pay you £19k to be a bottomless brunch taster

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Brunch can be a divisive meal, with some people firmly against the idea while others love filling their weekends and bank holidays with it.

For those who just can’t get enough of brunch, one company is offering the dream job: a bottomless brunch taster.

Bath-based hen party organisers, GoHen, are searching for an events specialist who is passionate about getting the best of brunch and who is willing to go far and wide to find it.

The role, which pays £19,000 per annum, involves traveling across the UK to test bottomless brunches and providing the company with “extensive feedback” about each experience.

A successful brunch tester will also be expected to vlog about their experience, so confidence in front of the camera is an essential skill for the job.

Other skills wanted in an ideal candidate include social media know-how and experience in event and group planning, as they will have to manage hen party enquiries as part of the job.

Interested candidates have until 5pm on Friday 30 September to apply for the role.

GoHen says it has seen enquiries for hen parties including bottomless brunch skyrocket by 1,152 per cent post-pandemic.

Steve Roddy, GoHen’s director of operations, said: “Bottomless brunch has boomed in popularity in the post-pandemic world and we’re on a mission to find the best one ion the UK to send our hens to.

“We’ve actually seen enquiries increase for it by over 1,000 per cent, so we felt the demand was there to warrant hiring someone in a professional capacity to go out and test them.”

However, he warned potential brunch testers not to take it as an opportunity to drink too many mimosas while on the job.

“Whilst we’re happy for them to do out and indulge themselves, they shouldn’t overdo it on the bottomless fizz as we’d still enquire feedback, quality images, as well as video content for us to use.”