Joanne Froggatt's Laura is questioned in new trailer for Liar series 2

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The new trailer for ITV's Liar series 2 sees Joanne Froggatt's Laura Neilson being questioned for the murder of Ioan Gruffudd's rapist Andrew Earlham.

The psychological thriller's first series ended on a cliffhanger when Andrew's body was dumped in marshlands. He had drugged and sexually assaulted Laura, who is now the prime suspect for his murder.

The second series is set to pick up where it ended, with an arrest warrant being issued for Andrew for the sexual assault of 19 women.

"I wanted Andrew to suffer, that's all I could think about," Laura says at the start of the teaser clip. "And when I found out he was dead, I was relieved that he couldn't hurt anyone else the way he hurt me."

The trailer also introduces Katherine Kelly's as DI Karen Renton, who is leading the murder investigation. Fellow new cast members also include Howard Charles (The Widow, Musketeers) as Carl Peterson, and Amy Nuttall (Downton Abbey, My Fair Lady) as Winnie Peterson.

Laura pleads her innocence in the clip, saying: "There are some people who will think that whoever killed him is a hero. Somehow he's still doing it, messing with my life, he's dead and he's still playing games with me.

"I don't know who killed Andrew Earlham, but I'm not taking the fall for it. He's not going to ruin my life all over again."

Photo credit: ITV

The clip ends with Laura screaming: "I did not murder Andrew Earlham!"

Katherine's DI Renton replies: "Well best I find out who did then eh?"

Ioan's Andrew will return in flashbacks as the crime is pieced together.

Liar series two will air on ITV in March.

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