Joan Collins celebrating after fifth quarantine

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Veteran actress Joan Collins is celebrating after completing her fifth stint in quarantine.

The Dynasty star, 89, recently vacationed in Saint-Tropez, France, after working in Spain, and due to U.K. Covid laws she had to quarantine for at least five days upon her return.

Collins posted photos of herself enjoying a night out with her husband, Percy Gibson, daughter Tara Newley, and son-in-law Nick on Tuesday via Instagram, and captioned it: "#freedom finally finished #quarantine number 5 and celebrating with #family."

Joan claims she has been forced to quarantine five times since October and estimates she has tested negative about 30 times.

The Covid-19 crisis has really messed up her work schedule as well, as she revealed writing for the Daily Mail last week.

"Not a month ago I was supposed to appear on a German TV show when the borders were shut with a day's notice," she complained. "No consideration was given to the fact that I was fully vaccinated, tested negative the day before and only going for 24 hours."

Joan has also been hounded by Covid Quarantine Officers while isolating at home, adding: "It's all a joke. The amount of money this Government has wasted checking that doubly-vaccinated people are staying in their homes is obscene."

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