Jo O'Meara was addicted to playing fruit machines during S Club 7 days

Jo O’Meara has told how she was addicted to playing fruit machines when she was in S Club 7.The singer, 43, opened up about her gambling problem on ITV’s Lorraine, revealing when she used to travel with the group she often sought out machines to play.It was a “bit of escapism” for her, she said.

Video transcript

- The Twitter has gone crazy. People want to see you back with S Club 7.

JO O'MEARA: I know.

- Is it ever going to happen?

JO O'MEARA: Do you know, I don't know. I really, really don't know. I think if--


JO O'MEARA: If it ever was to happen, I would definitely be up for--

- Oh, you should.

JO O'MEARA: --doing it.

- Even if it was just a one-off.

JO O'MEARA: I'm ready to reach for the stars. But it's just a case of getting seven bodies physically--

- Oh, I know.

JO O'MEARA: --in the same room.

- To get them all together?

JO O'MEARA: We're all so busy. You know, everyone's so busy. And it's-- it's pretty full-on when it's S Club 7.

- It shouldn't. Could we maybe do a one-off concert for dogs, for the Canine Angels?

JO O'MEARA: Oh, see, now, that's like blackmail, right?


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