JK Rowling's toilet trouble

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JK Rowling credit:Bang Showbiz
JK Rowling credit:Bang Showbiz

JK Rowling wrote some of 'Harry Potter' whilst sitting on the loo.

The author has confessed she penned some of her famous book whilst using a public loo but she refuses to divulge where it is as as she has been left "embarrassed" by her revelation.

She said: "I once wrote a paragraph of Harry Potter sitting on a public loo. Literally, that happened. You know what? It was the moment, I had no time, it’s gonna have to happen now.

"So it made me very un-precious about the conditions I need to write, and that was good because it meant I could continue to raise my kids and keep going. Maybe [the books] would’ve been better written if I hadn’t had that life but that’s what it was. I'm not telling anyone where that loo was, I’m too embarrassed, I can’t believe I’ve told you that but that is the truth."

The 55-year-old author admits she isn't always "inspired" when she writes.

Speaking on the BBC podcast, The Poet Laureate Has Gone to His Shed, she added: "I don’t know if they say this to you, 'Do you only write when you’re inspired?' In my head, I say, 'Well if I only write when I’m inspired I’ve only written half a book'. A professional writer has to push through, we all love those moments of brilliant inspiration but it’s the work you do after that that counts or that’s how I see it."

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