Jimmy Kimmel pokes fun at Prince Harry's book with spoof

On Jimmy Kimmel's talk show, the chat show host poked fun at Prince Harry's book spare with a skit called 'The Prince and the Penis'.

Credit: @JimmyKimmelLive Via Twitter

Video transcript

JIMMY KIMMEL: The story of Prince Harold and his frozen yogurt slinger is so popular--


--they're now releasing a version for kids. I don't know if you know about this. It's a twist on "The Princess and the Pea." It's called "The Prince and the Penis." And it's--


I don't know. If the kids are still up, this would be a good time to gather around the TV because I have the honor of sharing a first read of the new book. And well, here we go-- "The Prince-- The Prince and the Penis."


At the chilly North Pole a silly young codger took a walk in the snow and froze his wee todger.