Jimmy Kimmel, Jamie Lee Curtis Defend Kate Middleton Amid Public Absence: ‘Leave This Woman Alone!’

Where is Kate Middleton? It’s the question that has been consuming the world’s attention for weeks now, but it’s one Jimmy Kimmel wants to put an end to once and for all. During his March 21 monologue on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” the late night host urged his viewers to “leave this woman alone” while addressing the media attention around Middleton’s whereabouts.

“We finally got a royal update on Kate Middleton,” Kimmel said, referring to what Kensington Palace representatives told The Telegraph this week about Middleton looking after the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood program while working from home.

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“There’s a very simple explanation for Kate Middleton’s whereabouts: She’s been working from home,” Kimmel continued. How does a princess work from home? ‘I’m just going to stay in and wave at people?’ Maybe it’s because I’m American but I don’t understand the craziness around this. Why do we have to know where she is? It’s not like she’s the bus driver.

Then Kimmel’s tone got a bit more serious as he said: “She had an operation, she had abdominal surgery. Maybe she has a colostomy bag and doesn’t want everybody to see it. I mean, really. People are demanding she get dressed up and march through London so we can have a look at her. Leave this woman alone!”

Kate, whose official title is Catherine, Princess of Wales, was last seen in public in December. In January, Kensington Palace confirmed she’d undergone an unspecified “abdominal surgery.” By March, the princess — who is married to Prince William — had not been seen for almost three months. With little concrete information, rumors and conspiracy theories flourished and captured the attention of media figures worldwide.

The morning after Kimmel’s monologue aired, Oscar winner Jamie Lee Curtis took to Instagram to also condemn the public scrutiny around Middleton’s whereabouts.

“Can we please just STOP with this bullshit conspiracy theory?” Curtis wrote. “This is a human being with young children, and clearly some sort of a health issue. That is a private matter. Do we not have better things to do and more important things to think about and be concerned about than this? It’s a really low poin in our society when there are SO MANY crucial issues that need our attention.”

During a memorable episode of “Watch What Happens Live” earlier this month, host Andy Cohen asked British comedian John Oliver what everyone is thinking: “What the fuck is going on with Kate Middleton?”

“There is a non-zero chance she died 18 months ago,” Oliver replied. “They might be ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’-ing this situation. I’m not saying it happened, I’m saying it’s non-zero. Until proved otherwise, until we see her with a copy of today’s newspaper.”

Watch Kimmel’s full monologue addressing the Kate Middleton conspiracies in the video below.

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