Jimmy Fallon Spots How Trump Is Raising The $83 Million He Owes E. Jean Carroll

Jimmy Fallon on Monday told viewers that Donald Trump was ordered to pay $83 million in his defamation trial last week ― and the “Tonight Show” host appeared to have a lead on how the former president is coming up with the money. (Watch the video below.)

“In a related story, a bunch of classified documents just turned up on eBay,” Fallon joked, referring to Trump’s looming trial on charges that he hoarded sensitive papers at Mar-a-Lago and obstructed government efforts to retrieve them.

“$83 million,” Fallon repeated for emphasis. “Trump’s about to go from fake billionaire to fake millionaire.”

A jury slammed the criminally indicted GOP front-runner with tens of millions in damages, finding that Trump continued to harass writer E. Jean Carroll after a civil trial in May found him liable for sexually abusing her in a department store in 1996.

I think he’s going to have to pay and whether it requires him to sell something or to put a lien on something to get a loan, that’s his problem, not ours,” Carroll’s attorney, Roberta Kaplan, said on Monday. “He’s going to pay.”

Fast forward to 4:00 for Fallon’s take on Trump’s money troubles: