Jim Broadbent urges Brits to get COVID-19 vaccine

Jim Broadbent credit:Bang Showbiz
Jim Broadbent credit:Bang Showbiz

Jim Broadbent feels grateful towards "each and every person" who has received the COVID-19 vaccine.

The 72-year-old actor stars in a new campaign - set to the tune 'The Rhythm Of Life' from the musical 'Sweet Charity' - encouraging people to get vaccinated, saying it can help various industries in the UK to return to normality.

He explained: "The film gave us the chance to show our appreciation and celebration for the vaccine rollout in the best way we know how.

"Thank you to the millions who have already received their vaccinations and please ‘just get your vaccine’ to the rest.

"Vaccines are helping us get back to everything we love and every industry – including the arts – couldn’t be more grateful to each and every person for getting their vaccine."

Jim is joined in the campaign by the likes of Asa Butterfield, Sir Derek Jacobi and comedian David Walliams, who has praised the efforts of healthcare workers in the UK.

David said: "The NHS has done an absolutely fantastic job rolling out COVID-19 vaccines at such speed and, as we do in the film, I want to implore everyone to get their vaccine when called so we can get back to the all-singing, all-dancing, rhythm of life that we love."

Prince Charles also recently heaped praise on NHS staff and volunteers.

The future monarch hailed their "sheer resilience and indomitable spirit" throughout the ongoing crisis.

Speaking about the "invaluable service" provided by hospital radio, he added: "During current times, when we have been dealing with the effect of this dreadful pandemic, the role of hospital radio has been even more important, and I know it has been of immeasurable value in connecting people, in providing comfort and companionship, and in raising people's spirits when that is needed."