Jill Stein Runs for President Yet Again

Rebecca Cook/Reuters
Rebecca Cook/Reuters

Jill Stein, a physician who ran against Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in 2016, announced Thursday that she’s seeking the 2024 Green Party presidential nomination. “The political system is broken,” Stein stated in her announcement video posted on X, formerly Twitter, ahead of an official kickoff on Nov. 21. “The bipartisan establishment has failed us, and we need a party that serves the people.” She later said, “Both parties are a danger to our democracy–expanding censorship, criminalizing protests, throwing competitors off the ballot, suppressing debates, rigging their primaries.” Stein won 1.4 million votes in 2016 as the Green Party nominee, which some critics say cost Clinton the election, as it gave her narrow losses to Trump in key battleground states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Other prominent outsider candidates include Cornel West, who switched from the Green Party to run as an independent, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Marianne Williamson, and Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN). Representatives for Stein did not immediately respond to messages on Thursday from The Post.

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