Jill Stein announces another presidential run as Green Party candidate

Jill Stein announced that she will be running for president in 2024 as a Green Party candidate. File Photo courtesy Gage Skidmore

Nov. 9 (UPI) -- Jill Stein announced Thursday that she will be running for president on the Green Party ticket.

She also launched a website to accompany her campaign.

Stein ran on the Green Party ticket in 2016 and won more than 1% of the popular vote.

"The political system is broken. The two Wall Street parties are bought and paid for, over 60% of us now say the bipartisan establishment's failed us and we need a party that serves the people. I'm Jill Stein and I'm running for president to offer that choice for the people outside of the failed two-party system," Stein said in her announcement video posted to X Thursday.

Stein said both parties have led the nation into military conflicts, with her announcement video featuring footage of conflicts.

"The ruling parties that got us into this mess aren't getting us out," Stein said.

In 2015, Stein drew controversy when she attended a gala in Russia attended by Vladimir Putin to celebrate the state-backed Russia Today propaganda network.

One of the clips used in Stein's announcement video shows the aftermath of strikes by Assad regime allies on Syrians.

Stein said Democrats have failed to live up to the expectations of their supporters.

"Democrats have betrayed their promises for working people, youth and the climate, again and again, while Republicans don't make such promises in the first place and both parties are a danger to our democracy expanding censorship criminalizing protest, throwing competitors off the ballot suppressing debates, rigging their primaries," Stein said in her announcement video.

"Forget the pundits and attack dogs who tell you to ignore your misery and just keep voting from those who caused it in the first place. Change won't come from the elites it will come from we the people," Stein said.

The previous Green Party candidate, Cornell West, changed affiliations and is now running as an independent.