Jessie Ware: I'm a pessimistic person

Jessie Ware thinks she's pessimistic credit:Bang Showbiz
Jessie Ware thinks she's pessimistic credit:Bang Showbiz

Jessie Ware thinks she's an instinctively "pessimistic" person.

The 38-year-old singer has revealed that she actually considered quitting her music career to become a teacher before releasing her debut album, 'Devotion', in 2012.

Jessie told The Independent: "This is really boring for readers, but [my team] are the most optimistic people, and whenever I’m being self-deprecating or a Negative Nancy, they stop me.

"It’s so easy to catastrophise, or spiral out of control.

"I remember saying that if this all went to s*** after album one, I’d become a teacher, and that’d be fine - but I don’t need to think like that anymore. I’ve created a career.

"Oh God, I’m gonna sound really happy-clappy in this piece, aren’t I? I promise that deep down I’m still a dark, pessimistic person. I’m just trying to bring out the glass-half-full side now."

Jessie is now determined to ensure that her next tour will be a "great" experience for herself and her fans.

She said: "The next tour is gonna be great. I’m gonna make it be great. I’m throwing that out into the universe. Do I sound slightly cray-cray?"

Meanwhile, Jessie previously confessed to feeling "resentful" and "angry" at various points in her career.

The singer recalled going through ups and downs after releasing her debut album.

She told the Guardian newspaper: "On the first album, lots of wonderful things happened to me. Then, with album two, album three, I saw a different side.

"It was a bit more of a struggle. Fine. Nobody owed me anything. It was music, not saving lives. I always thought I’d be quite matter-of-fact about it, if the music didn’t work out. But people around me - people I trust - would say: ‘You’re miserable'. And I was - I was angry, slightly bitter, resentful. Which is not what I wanted, or expected, to be."