Jessie J looks unrecognisable with new chin-grazing auburn bob

jessie j auburn bob haircut
Jessie J looks *so* different with an auburn bobDavid M. Benett - Getty Images

No matter how far you run, you can't escape the celebrity bob craze (I mean, would you even want to? We're living for the bob brigade). We've seen Lily Allen's take on the trend with her peach 'mushroom bob', Hailey Bieber's neon pink number and Khloé Kardashian's peroxide full-fringe Edna Mode-inspired 'do – and that's all in the last week or so. Jessie J is the latest celeb to join the crew and it's so far from her usual look that we almost didn't recognise her.

We'd have to take you back in time quite far back to the last time the singer sported a blunt bob (to the 2010s, to be precise), but what's different about this recent hair transformation – and we're not kidding when we say she's transformed – is that the chin-grazing haircut has been paired with a new auburn gingery hair colour, too. Take a look:

Jessie, is that really you? The answer is yes as, thankfully, the new mum filmed the transformation so we can all admire what a big change this new 'do is. You gotta love a before and after hair transformation montage:

We can thank hairstylist Alisha Dobson at BLEACH London for daring to chop off the singer's signature long black mane in favour of this chic reddish bob. We're *so* here for an autumnal makeover.

Brb, just going to listen to Do It Like A Dude on repeat.

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