Jessie Cave opens up on 'scary start' for baby son after coronavirus ordeal

Jessie Cave attends a South Bank Sky Arts Awards at the Savoy, strand in London. (Keith Mayhew / SOPA Images/Sipa USA)
Jessie Cave (SOPA Images/Sipa USA)

Jessie Cave has opened up on her son's "scary start" to life following the tot's stay in hospital.

The Harry Potter actor's months old baby boy Tenn came out of hospital last week after testing positive for the coronavirus.

On Tuesday, the star gave an update on Lorraine Kelly's ITV show as she also reflected on her son's difficult birth from October.

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“Nothing has gone to plan, which I guess everyone can relate to this year. It was a really scary start," the 33-year-old said.

“He was in the neonatal unit after a really sudden, quick labour. He came out within 45 minutes, so he was just a bit like, ‘What’s going on?’, and was taken to the neonatal unit.

Jessie Cave appeared with her baby son on Lorraine. (ITV)
Jessie Cave appeared with her baby son on Lorraine. (ITV)

“He’s 11 weeks now. I couldn’t believe it when we found out! But I almost can believe it as it’s been such a strange period of time for everyone but [it was] very scary.”

Cave added that her son seemed "completely fine" before things "suddenly turned" when he contracted the virus.

“That’s the thing about newborns, you have to be so hyper aware of every symptom and just to trust your instincts.

“Within a day of realising he was just kind of changing a little bit, he wasn’t feeding as much and his cry was different, it was like a different baby. I just went for it and I went into A&E. I think that’s what everyone has to do," she shared.

Cave also parents son Donnie, five, and daughter Margot, three, with partner comedian Alfie Brown, whom she says also now has the virus.

“I have so much more respect for how dangerous [the virus] is, not that I didn’t before but the second it happens to you as a personal experience it just becomes so much more scary and real," Cave added.

The mother-of-three went on to emphasise how COVID can "affect everyone".

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