Jessie Buckley “didn’t” manage to not laugh while Rory Kinnear wore false teeth during Men

Jessie Buckley “didn’t” manage to keep a straight face while Rory Kinnear wore false teeth during the filming of ‘Men’.

The ‘Lost Daughter’ star joked that eagle-eyed viewers of the Alex Garland directed horror film - where the pair play multiple characters - could spot her “back shuddering” when her 44-year-old co-star was wearing his artificial gnashers.

After being asked by’s Stefan Page how she maintained a “straight face,” the 32-year-old actress quipped: “I didn’t. There was a lot of turning away from camera and a lot of kind of back shuddering that if you look closely enough, you’ll see quite a few times across.”

Rory added: “You package it as terror.”

After being asked about being a movie that left the audience with more questions, ‘The Imitation Game’ star ruled that it’s not an actor’s “job” to give solutions to the viewer.

Rory said: “It’s not our job. I mean, you know, fundamentally we’re playing characters and working with each other and telling the scene, each speech each time and getting to play those scenes in a number of different roles and creating with each character a different dynamic between Jessie and myself in them.”

The ‘Quantum of Solace’ star finds it “exciting and challenging” to be in a movie that lets the audiences feel than be understood through “intellectual analysis”.

Rory said: “That’s really exciting and challenging, but you never really know what you’re in or what it’s going to find, how you’re going to feel about it. And I do think that that is kind of the interesting thing about the film. It does leave questions, but also really leaves feeling and I think it demands a kind of emotional response rather than necessarily a intellectual analysis that it most importantly exists as something that makes you feel.”