Jessica Simpson reveals Joe Simpson's bone cancer diagnosis

Jessica Simpson reveals Joe Simpson's bone cancer diagnosis credit:Bang Showbiz
Jessica Simpson reveals Joe Simpson's bone cancer diagnosis credit:Bang Showbiz

Jessica Simpson's father Joe has bone cancer.

The 42-year-old star revealed her dad Joe, 65, had been having treatment for the disease but treatment has been successful.

In an Instagram post for her daughter Maxwell's 11th birthday, Jessica explained that Maxwell used her birthday wish to ask for Joe's treatment to work and the wish came true.

She wrote: "On May 1, 2012, my first born, Maxwell Drew Johnson arrived into this life as a sentient being seemingly not of this world. In the purest of form, her mind heart and soul ascended from the grace of heaven to shine in profound ways. I felt her purpose in my life when I was a kid and I would pray for my future daughter every single day and night. I know that most Moms would say please slow down time when their baby turns 11, but I have truly known her my entire life. Reading back on 30 yrs of conversations with God throughout my journal entries, it is evident that Maxwell was already living inside of my heart and my purpose.

"Her birthday was FRANKLIN FARM LIFE HAPPY! She told me after she blew out HER 11 candles...'I made a wish that was for me and you and actually the whole family' I said Maxi it should be your wish and she said 'we have the same wishes Mom'.

"3 days later on our way back to Cali she overheard me reading a text from my Dad and asked my mom sitting next to her 'GiGi if my birthday wish came true already can I say it out loud or do I still keep it to myself?' My mom told her to share it with everyone if she wanted to, especially if it had already come true...

"Maxwell's birthday wish was for her Papa Joe's bone cancer treatment to work.

"It did. Thank you Maxi Drew for usin' your wish on our family and most importantly, my Dad. You are mesmerizing, steadfast, intelligent, passionate, generous, loving, devoted, inspiring, enticing, confident, empathetic, powerful, intuitive, beautiful, DETERMINED, enlightened and FULL OF WONDER.

"The faith of a child is what keeps all of us ALIVE (sic)."

Joe previously battled prostate cancer in 2016 and 2017 but after undergoing radiation treatment he was given the all clear.