Jessica Simpson On Possibly Returning To TV With Her Family, And Why She's Been So Much Happier In Nashville Over Hollywood

 Screenshot of Jessica Simpson in office during interview
Screenshot of Jessica Simpson in office during interview

In a different timeline, audiences might have already been enjoying watching Full House vet John Stamos helping tell the story of Jessica Simpson’s life through the adaptation of her memoir Open Book. Alas, the pilot for the potential series was passed on, but fans remain hopeful for Simpson to return to the small screen in some way, shape, or form, seeing as how it’s been more than a decade since her last major TV project. The multi-hyphenate celeb addressed the possibility of that happening, while also speaking to the strengths and joys of shifting from Hollywood to Nashville this past summer to work on her next musical project.

Could Jessica Simpson Return To TV?

Outside of a single 2014 ep of Ashlee + Evan and a voice role appearance in Fox's Duncanville last year — where she played herself, obviously —  Jessica Simpson has been largely absent from the small screen. While that doesn't count interviews in the mix, that was precisely the way the That '70s Show vet addressed the possibility of heading up a new unscripted series. Speaking with E! News about becoming a total football mom, Simpson was asked about the chances of a TV return, and she responded with the idea of a show focusing on her family situation, saying:

As far as I would go with that would probably be a docuseries — which Newlyweds was supposed to be, by the way. [Laughs.] We actually had a lot of fun doing it. But a docu-series or documentary. I think they wouldn’t mind being on camera. My son, maybe not so much. Both daughters, definitely entertainers. But my son is an entertainer on the field, I will say. I mean, it doesn’t make him shy or anything like that. He just probably doesn’t think it’s anybody’s business.

Jessica Simpson is married to former NFL tight end Eric Johnson, and shares the three aforementioned children with him: daughter Maxwell (11), son Ace (10) and daughter Birdie Mae (4). I can easily imagine Simpson being overshadowed by her two entertainment-ready daughters, which would presumably be a fun watch, especially if they're as self-awarely kooky as she is. And I love that her son is already of the mindset of questioning how reality TV content is anyone else's business. Here's to him maintaining that practicality, even if it's in the same breath as a general request for his mom to return to reality TV.

Even if that wasn't the ideal way for her to return, Simpson has past experience with judging competition series (Fashion Star and Project Runway), and has also popped up in the past on Dancing with the Stars and The Biggest Loser. So she could very well take on something similar, or perhaps a hosting position, if she so chose. And I mean, she famously auditioned for the Scream franchise early on, so she could very easily slot into a Scream Queen persona easy-peasy. American Horror Story Season 13, perhaps?

Why Jessica Simpson Has Been Loving Nashville Vs. Hollywood

Even if Nashville is predominantly known for county music, it's truly a music-embracing setting on many different fronts, thus making it an ideal spot for some artists to make magic happen. As such, Jessica Simpson packed up some of her stuff from her Los Angeles home and found a house in Nashville to call home for a while. Even though she's had to handle some of the new house duties herself, with Johnson going to and from L.A., the experience has apparently done wonders for her happiness, to the point where her kids called her out on it. Here's how she put it:

Like, I haven’t relocated; I still have my place out here in Los Angeles. But being in Nashville, even my kids are like, ‘You laugh the whole time. You’re so happy.’ It’s because I’m not on guard and I’m with a lot of like-minded people, and it’s not about the celebrity. It really is about the music and the heart and the conversation. And honestly, just to have the music conversation again makes me so excited.

Simpson definitely sounds more pumped about embracing her musical talents again, and in a location where she doesn't need to worry as much about people addressing her weight all the time, while also not having any ocean-side beaches to show her bikinis off on. Life is a system of balances, is it not?

The Private Valentine: Blonde & Dangerous star certainly isn't the only celeb to have found happiness and release in moving away from Hollywood and California in general. Only a week ago, Candace Cameron Bure's daughter Natasha Bure spoke to why she's moving away, with other stars such as Matthew McConaughey, Ryan Reynolds, Katherine Heigl, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski all notably leaving L.A. behind for less intense areas.

So has anyone yet ordered up a series following Jessica Simpson as she finds the perfect home in every state other than California? Or maybe she's just performing at venues that also have B&Bs where she can stay the night? Or...maybe none of those ideas.