Jessica Chastain responds to mask backlash following the Golden Globes

Actress Jessica Chastain wore a bejeweled face covering to the 2023 Golden Globes, causing a stir online.

Jessica matched her mask to her sensational gown, but many of her followers on Instagram were perplexed by her choice, writing: "You don't need to wear masks anymore by the way," and: "Beautiful. But the mask, not so much." Another simply wrote: "Ridiculous."

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Many others praised her choice, applauding the star for safeguarding her health, and Jessica replied to one such comment.

Alongside a photo of her in the mask, one fan wrote on Twitter: "And you know who didn't get Covid at the Golden Globes?" to which Jessica replied with an emoji blowing a kiss, writing: "Phew."

The post was alluding to the fact many stars, including Jamie Lee Curtis, Brendan Gleeson and& Colin Farrell have tested positive following the event, and Jessica's response was flooded with support.

Jessica Chastain wearing a mask at the 2023 golden globes
Jessica Chastain wearing a mask at the 2023 golden globes

Jessica Chastain was pleased she remained well after the Golden Globes

"Thank you for wearing masks. For some of us who are immune compromised, it truly means a lot. And shows the compassion that you have towards your family, friends and strangers. You really do have the kindest heart," one wrote.

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Another commented: "Thank you so much for wearing mask! In a world where your kid is the only one wearing it at school you're a hero by wearing it in public."

Jessica Chastain at the 2023 golden globes
Jessica Chastain at the 2023 golden globes

Jessica Chastain's fans praised her decision

A third wrote: "Thank you for promoting masking and please continue to do so."

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Fans suspect Jessica took the precaution because she is currently starring in Broadway play A Doll's House, and didn't want to be unable to perform.

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