Jessica Chastain has no regrets over 'fluffy' childhood perm

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Jessica Chastain once got a perm as a child so she could resemble Annie.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night, host Jimmy revealed that he tried a "body wave" hairstyle when he was at college.

In response, Jessica admitted she was no stranger to a perm either.

"I was an awkward redheaded kid so my patron saint was Annie. I wanted to look like her really bad so I cut my hair really short and got a perm," she smiled. "I remember after it happened - I was at the mall and all of those chemicals - I looked at mom and she was just, '(Did) we make a huge mistake?' But I thought I looked great."

And despite the experience, Jessica was pleased with the final look.

"I lived for that perm. I rocked it until it grew out. I'm sure my hair was straight as it grew out and poodle-like fluff at the bottom," the 44-year-old sighed.