Jessica Alba's reverse hair transformation has inspired us just in time for our next salon visit

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Photo credit: Lionel Hahn - Getty Images
Photo credit: Lionel Hahn - Getty Images

Earlier this year (back in February, to be precise), Jessica Alba changed up her natural brunette hair colour and went "#BackToBlonde", as hair colourist Robert Ramos put it. Now, just six months later the actor has double-backed on that change with a reverse hair transformation.

Jessica debuted a new hair colour in her most recent Instagram post, along with some chest-length extensions. As you can see from the below snap, which she captioned "sup", and her locks are much much darker than they were just a few days ago.

This was her hair colour before:

And this is it now:

Brittney Ryan, the hairstylist behind Jessica's most recent 'do (as shown above), also posted a few Instagram pictures of her hair looks from the past month. In the caption, she wrote: "She literally can’t make up her mind 😉😅 ONE month of different hair colors and styles for @jessicaalba".

Swipe through the carousel to see all of her looks:

I guess she's a girl after my own heart. I mean, if you can't make up your mind, why not do it all!

Controversially, this is a transformation we usually see over the winter/autumn months. When it comes to summer, most choose to lighten their locks. So, I guess if you were tempted to go against the grain and dye your hair darker for the warmer months, let this be your cue...

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