Jessica Alba's Jeans Wardrobe

Want a leg up in the fashion stakes? Then look no further than Jessica Alba! Whatever the weather (though is it ever anything other than sunny in LA?) Jess has been brightening our days with a crayon-colured masterclass in summer's hottest denim.

Dressed up or dressed down, bright, muted, skinny, cropped - she's seriously working the socks off these babies! Check out her baby blue AG Adriano Goldschmieds doubled up with a pale denim jacket (tricky trend nailed!) and a bright white tee. She looks fresh, sharp and spring-like all over! Pink pairs (in pastel and coral hues) work wonders for a chic-girl-about-town look, especially when partnered with a colour-clash orange bag or muted metallic coat a la Miss Alba. We're taking notes!

Wondering how to perfect primary colours? When the temperature drops on a visit to NYC, Jess's lightening yellow Hudsons add voltage to a sleek black coat and boots. We're also crazy in love with her Kate Spade fire-engine red numbers, even dressed down with a stripey tee these beauties are smoking hot! With such a dazzling wardrobe, it's no wonder she's been keeping an array of trusty designer sunnies to hand!

Jessica Alba's Jeans Wardrobe

So, with the block colour look in the bag, Jess has cannily applied a little fashion calculus and worked out that combining all her fave colours at once = another trouser uber-trend: patterned! Check out how she styled her amazing coloursplash pair [above] with a juicy bright jacket and tangerine jumper. Divine!

It's time to sing a rainbow, but which shade will you sheathe your pins in this season? Check out our gallery and let us know!

by Francesca Milton

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