Jessica Alba: I want my children to stay grounded

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Jessica Alba credit:Bang Showbiz
Jessica Alba credit:Bang Showbiz

Jessica Alba wants to make sure her children “never take anything for granted”.

The ‘LA’s Finest’ star has three children – Honor, 13, Haven, 10, and Hayes, three – with her husband Cash Warren, and has said she’s keen to teach them the importance of keeping their feet on the ground and not taking their parents’ wealth for granted.

She said: "I grew up with parents who worked three jobs each and lived paycheque to paycheque. I started acting at a young age, so I probably have a different understanding and view than maybe a lot of people in my circumstance as far as what it means to struggle and how you want to be treated if you ever were in that circumstance.

“I always want my kids to have their feet on the ground and understand that they can do something about it — and never to take anything for granted.”

Jessica has even written a book, titled ‘A Bear to Share’, to help children learn the value of giving to those less fortunate.

In the story, a girl named Tiana gets a new teddy bear to replace her old and slightly worn one, and decides to give the new bear to her friend Timothy after learning he doesn’t have a teddy bear at all.

The 40-year-old star added: "I'm hoping that it will help children understand that not everyone is the same and that you — no matter what age — can help others out. [It can help teach kids] compassion and empathy."

Jessica’s two daughters are slightly too old for the book’s target audience, but her son Hayes “loves” it.

She told People magazine: "My son Hayes, who is more appropriately aged for this book, he loves it. This is the book he wants to read at night, and when a kid gets into a book, it becomes the book that you read every night for weeks and months on end, sometimes years. So, this is already a staple in our house."

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