Jessica Alba swears she had 'The Rachel' haircut before Jennifer Aniston

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Jessica Alba believes she had "The Rachel" haircut before Jennifer Aniston made the look popular on Friends.

Aniston debuted the iconic hairstyle during the first season of the sitcom in 1994, in which she played Rachel Green, with the voluminous shoulder-length style going on to be a sensation and emulated by women all over the world.

But in an interview for Glamour U.K., Alba revealed that she actually had the same haircut some time before celebrity hairstylist Chris McMillan created the look for Aniston.

"I grew up in a Mexican-American family and they really feel like girls' hair should be long. And so, when I started acting, I actually got a haircut from Chris McMillan, who did The Rachel cut from Friends," she recalled. "And I think it was actually my first official haircut that my mom didn't give me."

But while Aniston will always be associated with The Rachel, the L.A.'s Finest actress admitted the hairstyle wasn't well received by her parents.

"My hair was down to my butt and when I came home with The Rachel cut, it was like these really extreme layers. My dad tried to ground me. It was so crazy. I kind of feel like hair... you should just have fun with it; it grows," the 41-year-old added.